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Inform v3.238.1: The Latest Advancements in Business Management

The Isogent team is always in pursuit of perfection. With the release of Inform v3.238.1, we continue our tradition of ensuring that our users have access to the most efficient and comprehensive business management tools available. Let’s dive into what this latest update has to offer:

1. A Renaissance in Reporting:

  • New WIP Report: Gauge the progress of work-in-process items, ensuring timely deliverables and optimal resource allocation.
  • Duplicated Products Report: Identify and manage identical products, ensuring consistency across inventory and reducing redundancy.
  • Tracking Report: Stay updated on all moving parts of your business with real-time tracking capabilities.
  • Products with Different Cost Report: Gain insights into product cost variations to aid in decision-making processes.
  • Enhanced Quote Information: Unlock the ability to transform quotes directly into orders through a seamless API integration.
  • Optimized Reports: From the style enhancement in the Written Sales Dashboard report to the optimization of the Cost List Report, data visualization and interpretation have never been this user-friendly.

2. Calendar Capabilities:

  • Super Calendar Views: Schedule and track deliveries, installs, and orders with greater clarity. This ensures that every date and deadline is met without a hiccup.
  • Super Calendar Filters: Customized viewing options to streamline operations and prioritize crucial tasks.

3. Amplify Your Marketing:

  • SMS Portal Page: An intuitive portal that logs every SMS communication, ensuring transparency and efficiency in your marketing campaigns.
  • SMS Tickets Queue: Easily create tickets from the SMS Portal, streamlining support and customer communication.
  • QuickTags Updates: Incorporate Manufacturer information directly into tags, improving inventory management and product identification.

4. Enhanced Service Hubs:

  • User-Centric Design: Ticket Edit now offers optimized button placements, especially for non-full-screen views. This improvement enhances usability and reduces navigation time.

5. CRM – The Heart of Business Relations:

  • Average Days to Pay: Keep track of client payment behaviors. This metric offers insights into cash flows and potential financial strategies.
  • Comms in Client Detail: A revamped communication feature that allows you to send emails to authorized contacts and even view past email interactions.

6. Proposals – Streamlining Operations:

  • ETO Updates: Now, effortlessly add and calculate the service price. Plus, seamlessly integrate tax calculations into your proposals.
  • Seamless Order Management: Upon proposal signing, instantly dispatch corresponding orders.
  • Visualizing Orders: The new Kanban view provides a visual representation of order processes. With added filters, this view is more versatile than ever.

7. General Improvements:

  • User Validation: No more erroneous messages. The system now validates if a user exists in Inform, ensuring accurate and relevant notifications.
  • Reordered Sidebar: An ergonomic sidebar layout that prioritizes user-friendliness, making navigation intuitive and efficient.

Putting Bugs to Rest:

Our technical team has been hard at work squashing various bugs, especially concerning report discrepancies. This ensures that your Inform experience remains smooth and reliable.

In conclusion, Inform v3.238.1 is more than just an update; it’s a testament to our dedication to offering the best business management solutions. We invite you to explore these new features and share your feedback, as we continue our journey of innovation and excellence together.


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