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A startling revelation has come to light about how North Korea has been using the wages of IT workers contracted to U.S. firms to fund its ballistic missile initiatives. FBI and Department of Justice officials recently disclosed that these IT professionals, believed to be operating mainly from China and Russia, were purposefully assigned by the North Korean government to work remotely for U.S.-based organizations.

The modus operandi involved the use of false identities to secure positions with companies in various locations, including St. Louis. The money earned from these engagements was covertly directed towards the weapon programs in North Korea.

Deceptive Techniques

Jay Greenberg, the head of the St. Louis FBI office, emphasized the advanced tactics used by these workers, such as contracting Americans to utilize their Wi-Fi, giving the illusion of working within the U.S. This extensive scheme suggests that many U.S. companies unknowingly employed these individuals. Rebecca Wu, an FBI spokeswoman, confirmed that “thousands of North Korea IT workers” were involved in this operation. As a part of their investigation, federal officials have seized $1.5 million along with 17 domain names.

A Call for Vigilance

Companies are now being urged to rigorously check the identities of their potential remote IT workers. Greenberg emphasized the importance of added verification steps, like video interviews, to prevent such infiltrations in the future.

Beyond Financial Gains

Disturbingly, some North Korean IT workers didn’t stop at merely diverting funds. They reportedly infiltrated company networks, extracting vital data, and maintained access to execute future cyber-attacks or extortion attempts.

A Growing Cyber Threat

John Hultquist from Mandiant, a cybersecurity firm, observed that such tactics by North Korea aren’t new. However, the post-pandemic rise in remote work has inadvertently provided them with more opportunities. Increasingly, North Korea is being viewed as a major cyber threat.


The escalating tension in the Korean Peninsula and the continuous missile tests by North Korea underscore the need for vigilance. The U.S. Justice Department has been proactive in its efforts to unveil and counteract diverse criminal plots aimed at enhancing North Korea’s military capacities.

As tensions continue to rise, it’s crucial for companies to be cautious and implement strict verification procedures to ensure they’re not inadvertently supporting these nefarious schemes.

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